Friday, October 17, 2008

themed pictures

unhappy babies
usually i wouldn't post these, but some of them kinda made me chuckle

my children would never express their angst;)

hungry babies

he eats solids...yay!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

tagged by shannon...a cute idea

4 Things I was doing 10 years ago
1. wishing i was out of primary
2. trying to act like a teenager
3. still getting used to being in nebraska
4. trading off sleepovers with amy eliker

4 Things on my list to do today (since it's late i'll say tomorrow)
1. pick up and vacuum living room
2. take kids on a walk
3. pick up rx
4. make sure babe's old halloween costume fits the boy

4 Things I love about John
1. his determination to be honest
2. he always tells me that i'm pretty
3. his desire to be generous
4. he works hard, even when he doesn't want to

4 Jobs I've had
1. cashier at hy-vee
2. helper at elementary school after school program
3. washed cars at ford dealership
4. franks hot dog stand

4 Movies I've Seen more than once
1. miracle
2. master and commander
3. chicken little
4. discovery channel's conception to birth

4 Places I've Lived
1. buena vista, va
2. lincoln, ne
3. yakima, wa
4. baltimore, md

4 Places I've Been
1. washington d.c.
2. japan
3. san jose, ca
4. frankfurt, hessen, west germany

4 Places I want to visit
1. england
2. ireland
3. denmark
4. wales

4 T.V. shows I watch
1. ncsi
2. Jon and Kate + eight
3. What Not to Wear
4. extreme makover-home edition

4 Things you may not know about me
1. i used to sing (classical music)
2. i was born on a military base in frankfurt, west germany
3. i wish i knew how to play piano
4. two of my favorite books are alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass

looking back

so in case people didn't know, our old blog ( was connected to an e-mail that i think has been taken over by someone else. i tried to login and it wouldn't take the password, tried the special question...and it was in another language. i tried for a while to get it back, but it wasn't working. so our old blog is still there...i just can't update it. so just for fun i thought i'd throw in some of my favorite older pictures.

the first four are all within the first month to six weeks after analee was born. the fifth i think is a few months later...but i'm not positive.

boy do i wish i could relax like that!

babe's first time seeing her new brother.

sweet kisses:)

should i take this as a sign of strangeness to come?

babe has always been interested in her little brother.