Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fight for Right

John and I have a dear friend, Jordan James. John got to know him and his family while in California. My freshman year of college I met both John and Jordan. At our wedding reception that summer Jordan was getting ready to leave on a mission for our church. He spent two years in Florida teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the people he met. After returning home he and his family discovered that he had developed adrenal cancer. Jordan lived with us as he attended classes that summer. He planned to continue on this fall but was unable due to his condition. During this time his family moved to Michigan where Jordan could get the best available help for his type of cancer. That is where, a few weeks ago, Jordan died.
Jordan was and is an incredibly uplifting person. Not only did his spirit bring peace, gratitude and strength to our home and family, but he wanted to share it with everyone he could.
Jordan had a website. He called it Fight for Right. That is what Jordan did. That is what Jordan does. I would like to encourage everyone to look at it, to read it. To Fight for Right. This is part of Jordan's introduction to his fight.

"I'm Jordan James, and to state the purpose of this site as simply as possible, I've pretty much decided to save the world. Some may roll their older, wiser eyes in amusement and shamefully shake their shiny dome-shaped heads at this ridiculously bold statement — thinking that this is all merely the naive attempt of a simple-minded, inexperienced dreamer to be a vague sort of hero. They may very well be right (which really makes no difference to me). But whatever the case, I get much more satisfaction out of life through my obsession with maximizing human potential and happiness through motivation and influence, seeking to fight evil, and making significant contributions to society, than I would if I were cynical and critical of others' efforts to do the same!"

Fight for Right, Jordan.