Tuesday, September 8, 2009

every day fun

john being attacked by babies

bub on daddy's shoulders

apparently it's a comfy place:)

afterwards bub decided daddy should be on his shoulders!

the hilarious fashion sense of babe. granted, the clothes she didn't pick (she was still in pj's from the night before). but the hat and the "bracelets" were all her. in case you can't tell, her bracelets are those rings you make baby chains out of.

so it got quiet and this is what we found. if you can see it she is drenched in lotion (she's a fan of lotion). face, hands, arms, legs, the whole deal. she had so much on that even by the time she woke up we had to wipe her down b/c it couldn't all soak in.

hanging out...in the stroller basket...

i guess pushing the stroller wasn't quite manly enough. but bub loves to try to push the lawn mower. every time john mows he wants to be out there helping. it's pretty sweet.