Sunday, November 9, 2008

everyday fun

fun with glasses

yummy applesauce!

hangin' with daddy

trying to get ready for bed

sweet little boy feet...and fingers

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

halloween fun

so we went to get pumpkins to color (we didn't want to try to carve with the little ones). and i picked one out for babe (they didn't have any really little ones). well she wanted to hold it, but after i gave it to her i realized that there was a kind of gash in it, so i tried to swap it with another one and she was not happy, that was her pumpkin, and she only wanted her pumpkin. the thing probably crushed her, but she wanted to hold it.

at the park for the friday playgroup

dad and our 'strawberry faerie' at the ward halloween party

our little cow...or bull...or what have you

snow white and the strawberry faerie

our friends the monkey and his brother the police officer...or some sort of law enforcement officer...dude

mr. monkey in his jungle at the playgroup

lorraine, another sweet princess!

amy hunt with two of her kids, the purple faerie and the skunk

cutest costume idea ever!!

more friends...the cowgirl and her big brother the dragon