Friday, May 7, 2010

springtime with the adams

you can't see it, but inside that cup is a sippy cup.

this is analee and her friend emily (we have to enunciate well or the poor kids get confused).  but another friend came by bike (or bike trailer) and that's where the two are hanging out-and where babe found a new accessory.
this day i managed to overheat oil and fill the house with smoke.  so we ate the remaining dinner outside.  the plate is when we turned our heads and analee decided i needed lots of parmasen.
here babe is replanting flowers.  she took them off one plant and then 'planted' them in a row in a different spot, she was very careful about it, too.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our "Haul"

This weekend we went to Sharp Shopper and were excited by what we got.  So John asked me to post it here.  We compared all the prices at Wal-mart, Sam's Club and Sharp Shopper before we went, so everything we got was cheaper than we could have gotten elsewhere.  Our "haul", as john calls it cost us $61.53!  We were rather pleased.  Most of it is stuff we get anyways.  The chocolate...well, I'm hooked, plus with Easter coming up I plan on using those.  The root beer was a splurge, too.  And while we don't get pop tarts very often, we usually have some sort of on-the-go food for outings and for when John substitutes in Roanoke.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Transition Time

so it's quite late and i can't seem to get the pictures in the right places.  but here are pictures of just around when Drake was born.  as he was due any day and it had been snowing a fair amount Corwin Bennett, a wonderful friend and home teacher, sneakily showed up and started shoveling our driveway (to ensure that we could get to the hospital).  isn't he wonderful?!  but we caught him and John went out to help, as did Bub, as you can see.  but the kids loved being outside and playing in the snow.  if your curious about Bub's feet, i put plastic bags between his socks and shoes so he wouldn't get soaked.  also, the dog.  he randomly showed up.  so Corwin and John started playing with him.  they'd throw snowballs and he'd try to catch them in his mouth.  unfortunately Analee was terrified, convinced the dog was going to eat her.  Oh well.
we also have some of the first pictures of Drake.  they're kind of self explanatory...but Tatiana Bennett (Corwin's lovely wife) was kind enough to take some of the family.  thanks Tatiana!