Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Babe's Haircut

Babe has been scared to get her haircut for years.  We've managed a trim maybe twice and it involved her being surly and her hair being crooked.  Granted, her hair has been so long most people might not have noticed.  I forgot to take 'before' pictures, so I pulled one from earlier this year.

That should give a feel for it.  I'd say when we cut it her hair was just above the small of her back; below her waist but above her hips I guess.
While she wasn't always scared of getting it cut she certainly never liked the idea.  Lately she had been continually informing us of how she was growing her hair out to be long like Rapunzel's (and we had no luck pointing out that Rapunzel's hair get's cut at the end of the movie).  But last week I took her to watch me get my hair cut.  She thought the girl time was fun and I think it helped that she already knew the stylist (Robin for those who know her-if not I'd gladly send you her way!).  Not long into my cut Analee announced that she wanted to get her hair cut!  We had to explain to her that we'd need to make an appointment (unless we wanted to sit through some other cuts, which I didn't want to do).  At this point she was very clear that she wanted a trim-as small a trim as possible.  But I was willing to take it:)
Over the next few days we would look up hairstyles online and I was shocked to discover that, with amazing consistency, Babe was choosing pixie cuts.  And not just any pixie cuts but very, very short ones.  While it took me a little getting used to I don't see any reason why she shouldn't get her hair cut however she wants.  If the only reason stopping it would be that I like her hair long, well, I think that's a pretty lame reason.  So we tried to make it clear that once her hair was cut it would stay short for a long time and that it would be too short to do pony tails or braids and so on. 

And so-Onto The Salon!

getting her hair washed

Robin "are you sure?"  Babe "yep!"

Robin asked Babe if she could cut it a little longer and then see if Babe liked it, Analee agreed. 

 Babe LOVED it!  After plenty of giggles Babe got all sorts of talkative.  I am amazed at the variety of topics she managed to cover.

She liked the blow dryer but thought it felt weird to have her hair in her face-which makes me laugh b/c with long hair her hair was always in her face.

Thanks Robin!  And check out those bangs!
 When we got home dad had her pose for 'after' pictures.  Note both the lollipop she got for being so good (Drake has one too, the ladies at the salon let Babe take extras for her brothers).  But my favorite is her outfit.  At first I thought I should try to explain how opinionated Babe can be, but then I realized these pictures would include her fabulous fashion sense and figured I didn't need to explain much:).
I think the cut is seriously cute.  I still think I'm going to see those long locks when I turn around, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  I am so grateful for Robin, it's cute and low maintenance and we can get those bangs trimmed anytime we need for free! 
Now, just for fun you have to scroll up to that top picture-I keep doing it and it blows me away!  Granted I'm the mom and would probably do that if it had just been a trim, but still.