Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i just thought i'd start sharing bits about our family. and as is my usual form, i chose a picture. this is my husband's favorite picture. he says he likes it b/c Jesus is smiling. as john would say "when Christ said his joy was full, i tend to believe him".

Sunday, June 14, 2009

family pictures

brinn willis (bmw photography) took our family pictures...uhm, in may, john's birthday actually (the 14th). it takes a while for these to upload though, so they might come in multiple posts.

okay, check out babe's outfit...'my dad rocks' tee, tutu, mult-colored striped leggings and ballet shoes...this outfit was actually requested by brinn:) i thought it was hilarious, and quite appropriate considering how weird babe can be. she said we could bring other clothes for her to change into, but i didn't bother, it matches her personality pretty well, why mess?

so we happened upon this hammock...good thing the kids jumped on first, b/c it turns out it was pretty loose.

strange, but she was showing brinn her belly button

oh, and not too much later she got her four front teeth, imagine these pictures without her top teeth.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Better Late Than Never...I Hope

Happy Birthday! okay, well, his birthday was May 2nd, so it's a long overdue post, either way, here it is, and happy birthday bub.

He got some presents in the mail from grandma and grampa...if you can't see it the package is labeled for Little John.

he wasn't real sure why we were asking him to grab the package...

so we sent in for back-up.

yay! bub LOVES balls, so it was really nice to get some (we didn't really have any that were really safe...think analee trying to play catch with a golf ball...not good).
he also got this nifty card set...different animals with a hole where the face is, you're supposed to either put it up to the card with a smily face on one side or a mirror on the other...but he likes to put his face in it...eventually i'll get a picture of that:)

but on his birthday we went to don tequilas (thanks so much to rachel andersen for taking these pictures, smart me didn't have a camera).

then we came home for brownies! (okay, truth be told we were late to a picnic and so didn't get we ate out...then we-or maybe just me-felt bad b/c we didn't have a cake...but we happened to have there you go).

offering a morsel to considerate:)

okay, this isn't really birthday related, but it was the next day and the grumpy old man look was just too funny. thanks again to rachel for getting that on camera:)

yay! he got a card from great-grandma bunker!

i tell ya, he's rich now.

thanks for everyone who thought of our little guy!