Sunday, November 6, 2011

Like at the Doctors

I've been avoiding posting for the last week...or two.

I've been feeling pretty sheepish.

I guess I better just come out and say it.

I didn't finish my 40 bags in 40 days.


Last I posted about it I admitted to not completing the first half.  Ouch.
But I guess I've learned a few things.

One-if I have to take on a big challenge I should build in break time so as not to create instant fail.   One bad day and suddenly the whole thing is thrown off.  Not the brightest idea for someone like me.

and Two-Brian Regan was (almost) right.
Are you familiar with Brian Regan?  He's a great (clean!) comedian.  He has a bit about how going to the doctor's is the only time as an adult you feel like a kid again.  I agree-but I have to add in "when you blog about how you'll do something and then don't and botch it and have to fess up".

In the end I'm glad I did it.  I did get lots of stuff sifted through and started really questioning why I feel the need to hang on to so much stuff.  Plus, I'm brainstorming how to make it a bit more practical (you know, for those of us who aren't Martha Stewart) so I can keep working in that direction.

So instead of filling my blog with excuses about why I didn't finish (since that won't do anyone any good) I'll just leave you with Brian Regan!