Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Wonderful Hunts

tonight i had to say goodbye to my dear friend, amy hunt. amy, wil and their kids, hannah, ethan and max, are moving to iowa. i'm no good at writing niftily or sentimentaly, so, as is par for this blog's course, i simply picked out some pictures i had of them. mostly of the kids at playgroup's easter egg hunt. (sorry to wil, as i never took his picture, and to amy, whom i only got while she was busy helping her children-which seems par for her course, always serving.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

first hair cut

we knew bub (jack, john, will...honestly, call him whatever-loving-thing you want) was going to need a haircut soon (it was almost in his eyes). i started to get sentimental about it (when i put him down at night i always give him a kiss and brush his hair off his face before i leave). then randomly one day while john was gone and babe was sleeping i just up and decided to cut his hair...this is what followed.

yeah, it's a crayon, what's really weird is when he's got it just hanging
out of his mouth like a stogie.

i used the biggest setting i had and was kinda surprised by how much hair came off.

don't worry, it's unplugged and the actual trimmer part is covered.

so, kinda abrupt. afterwards i was shocked at myself, i texted john with a picture saying something to the effect of 'i destroyed my baby' b/c he seemed so different to me (you're probably thinking i'm crazy since i'm sure you didn't see much change). well, john couldn't tell what i was talking about and found it to be rather uneventful...oh well.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

any given day

breakfast! yay for a community bowl of ceral.

if i'm really good we take a look at the alphabet

daddy tries to dissuade me from taking pictures of him

and i just like taking pictures of my kids

scraggly hair

or dirty kitchen

just b/c he loves me