Monday, January 19, 2009

en route

however late, here are some of our traveling adventures this holiday season. first up...buba's (as his sister calls him) first ride on an airplane!...okay, so he's not that excited, but i took a picture anyway.

and here dad and babe crash while waiting for the next flight. traveling sure took a lot out of 'em. and yes, he is holding the nuk in his mouth...but don't worry, it's backwards.

okay, this is my favorite part! anyone who has issues with o'hare can be happy now. this is the coolest kids play place. my pictures aren't that good since babe only wanted to play in certain areas, but it has a control tower that has working phones so you can talk to the pilots in the airplane and the people loading the luggage. in the airplane is the cockpit, the passenger area that has a slide coming out of it and the luggage area (which babe is in in this picture). there is a helicopter with a bike and a handbike that make the propellers go, there is a gas truck to 'fill up' the airplane. there is lots of information that older kids will pick up on, it is so cool.
one of babe's favorite parts...the phone. (we are not suprised).
babe loading 'luggage'
buba driving the gas truck

and i can't remember which vehicle this is...but babe is trying to drive it. actually i think that was part of the helicopter.