Monday, March 9, 2009

"march madness" as dad says

our handsome little man

okay, fun story.
babe wants to help dad bring in she does.

notice anything interesting about this picture?
yep, she's going away from the house...might i note, after she dragged the bags to the house.
needless to say the bags were pretty torn up.

the happy helper (yep, in pajamas...they didn't quite get changed that day...)

and not to be left alone, buba joins us

with his trademark army crawl (the moms at playgroup find it quite the novelty)

uh-oh...found some chocolate chips

yay! into the house, finally!

babe loves to do wii fit. i think between a remote
and a board to stand on, it's just too much fun.

fun at the park (now that the weather is warming up-yay!)

okay, so babe loves her brother. if she has it or does it, he needs it and should join along. she wanted to play in the she wanted her brother with her.
he was super happy. he was beaming almost the whole time.

time to color!

so he's not quite getting the idea yet, but once he saw his sister coloring he wanted to, too. not to mention the ongoing chorus from analee of 'buba too'

tired? me too. g'night.