Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it's my boy

yum! brownie batter!

don't forget the milk!

leah's attempt at turban-izing the boy

this one just made me laugh

honey...i think the tie is just a bit big...

so i took the cushions off the couch to vacuum under them, a few minutes later i couldn't find the boy...until he peered out from beneath the cushions. i guess i tossed them just right and made a tunnel b/c he crawled through.

this day he was totally mad, he cried and screamed and would not be happy. we were tired and pretty much had given up on making him happy...so we put him in a box and whoosh, the tears stopped and that sweet little smiled creeped onto his face. i have strange children.

he eats hockey.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas with the Christensens

this Christmas we went to nebraska to spend time with my (anika's) family. i didn't get pictures of everyone...but here is some of what i got.

Josiah (my brother)

John (my brother...and i managed not to get a picture
of his wife, Rocio, or their littlest, Athena)

John's son Sebastian
(it is incredibly difficult to get pictures of this kid)

Ariel (my sister) grinning at buba (next picture down)

Ariel's son, Chris

my mom and Anja (my sister)

just chillin'

Josiah helping Analee play outside (despite very cold weather)
thanks Josiah!

buba and the dog (daisy) watching the kids play outside

Anja making a funny face

mom and Josiah

Erika and buba

babe chill-axing (chillin' and relaxing) with some goldfish

Anja and mom sewing

John and babe

the little guy

apologies to dad, rocio, athena, ander, speed (the other dog) and anybody else that i didn't get a picture of...unless you'd rather not be in a picture...then i guess you're lucky

Friday, February 6, 2009

catching up with Christmas

here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. hopefully i'll get more up from the whole trip.

john and analee (poor babe was awakened by festivities...a touch earlier than she is used to)

josiah and dad

dad, sebastian (c-bass) and erika

mom, anja and will (buba, jack, the boy...pick your pleasure)