Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leadership Meeting.

In our church we have this semiannual meeting called Stake Conference. Our church is made up of wards, which are led by lay bishops that have similar duties to a pastor, only they don't get paid for their work. These wards are grouped into stakes, which are led by stake presidents. Twice per year, the members of our stake gather for a special meeting at which we are taught in a large group setting.

Since I was called as a financial clerk, which means I get to deal with the Lord's finances, I am considered part of the leadership in my church. No, I don't think I'm special. Anyways, I get to go to an extra special part of Stake Conference called a leadership meeting. I've never been to one before. Since our stake is kinda splitting (we're losing 5 student wards to create the only young single adult stake outside of Utah and Idaho, which will also have a ward in Roanoke), today's meeting is a big deal. My wife is rather upset that we're going to lose more men to other church organizations, as the new stake will need leadership, but I am rather unemotional about the prospect. I figure if the Lord wants us to run His affairs, then He gets us.

My only disappointment with the meeting is that I have a one-month-old (see below) that I'll leave with my good wife, along with three other kids. I hate to do that when there is no tangible reward. I always like to help her when I can, and in this case, I'll be trading physical help for spiritual. I guess the good news is that my family will still be blessed, and let's be honest: who doesn't want that?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So it's been a while.

So it's been a while since my good wife last wrote here. I'm a space filler, once again. A lot's happened to us over the past couple of months. We had another baby. #4 is named Gideon Davis Adams. We weren't sure which name to put first, but Anika chose at the last minute and the name stuck. We're not sure of the nickname for this kid yet, and might go with none. We're tossing around "Giddy-up" and "G" but nothing is sticking. Thoughts?

I am looking for a teaching job anywhere in the U.S., and am applying all over. Mostly I look for jobs in the Midwest, because Anika wants to go back there, but I'll take what I can get. Any ideas?

We had our first snow on Sunday. A few inches later, and it's supposed to hit 70 today. Wait, what?

Below is Gideon. His pictures were taken by our friend Leah, who did a great job! I'll let Anika post about the snow and whatever else she feels like posting.