Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Photos

During this summer, before we left for South Dakota, we did the family picture bit.  Of course, we're not usually good at the whole coordinating outfits bit, but this time, well, I forgot.
Yep, forgot about family pictures.  So I scrambled and got the younger three in blue and that's about all I could get.  Once I realized I couldn't get the older two to match I said bag it and John and I didn't even try for John and I.
Oh well.  It's closer to reality this way anyways, right?

This was about as happy as Drake got.  Not sure why, he just didn't feel like smiling much.

In this one Drake actually looks angry, but I promise he wasn't!

This one is pretty true to life as well.  Analee is generally happy and always has a cheesy smile to share for photos.  Bubby is 100% exactly however he feels, right here that's goofy.  Drake typically comes across as quietly mischievous and skeptical.  Gideon is usually a bit more cheery, but is always close on the heels of the older three. So far Benjamin is happy and excited to join in the fun.

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The Wilsons said...

So fun to see you all in blog land again! Your family looks great! It sounds like you have had many, many adventures. I hope that you are able to love your new home. Best wishes!